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Advocacy is an incredible tool to support our residence with customized care in their healing journey. Survivors will be personally connected with an advocate who is there solely to aid in the health, stability and well-being.  They will inform the case worker of their personal progress as well as become a trusted friend they can always feel safe with.  Rescued and Redeemed Advocacy Program is based on five core principals. All staff should embody each of these completely.

​Our advocates, are not only an example of these principals, as a requirement of our organization but that we are teaching and training good behavior and practices within the dynamics of relationships in these programs and beyond.

OWNERSHIP - We believe that a team thrives in community where each individual takes complete ownership. Ownership is defined as the ability to immediately, with humility, take responsibility for a situation and move towards resolution. We value individuals who embrace the process that results in mutually beneficial outcomes- benefiting the organization and others.

COLLABORATION - We value working together to accomplish shared goals to produce greater resources and reward. We see each individual as a gift, with unique talents and purpose. Rescued and Redeemed culture does not allow for competition. When one is truly operating in their gifting each person is being empowered to their highest ability, which allows all to function at their best. Each at their best will complement the other.

GRATITUDE - We value individuals who choose to walk in gratitude, regardless of circumstances. Showing and feeling appreciation begins with a grateful attitude where nothing is owed or taken for granted. Being thankful for the small and large acts of kindness whether they are earned or given is a high priority. Our gratitude drives our actions.

COMMUNICATION - Clean and direct communication is highly regarded. It requires the strength to have authentic and transparent conversations. This creates unity that produces productivity and team bonding in the organization and the community. We aspire to resolve conflict without hesitation.

BALANCE - Rescued and Redeemed is a growth environment that attracts an individual who can stay balanced in constant change. Prioritizing family, physical, faith, social and career in the proper order creates a healthy, positive individual who can contribute and sustain on all levels.

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