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Awareness along with education are the first steps in ending sex trafficking.

If you know of any businesses that would be open to having education and information regarding "things to know" and "do" should they suspect any situation that appears unsafe in the area of trafficking, we would love to help. Or if you know of an event that would welcome this kind of education, please reach out.  Request a speaker or an awareness booth if you would like us to be a part of a huge opportunity to educate and inform individuals of the problem we face today. 

Rescued and Redeemed has presented at community events such as after school programs, Women with Purpose, many area churches and at the One Fest Christian Music Festival. We have been featured on WHEM, WWIB, the Praise Network and B-95 as well as WEAU and in the Leader telegram. We are dedicated to educating individuals throughout the Chippewa Valley and surrounding communities about the problem that is right in our own neighborhoods, the red flags and signs of trafficking as well as the safeguards to put in place to keep our families safe.  Our presentations are customized for your unique group and will definitely equip you to take action against this issue.

Reaching out to us is the first step. If you would like us to come and present who we are and our mission at your church home, we would love to visit.


Our goal is to educate as many as we can and to share the services that we can provide which are:


-Case management 

-Life goal assessment and progress 

-Financial support for counseling and trauma therapy

-Emotional health progress assessment

-Physical health progress assessment

-Spiritual health progress assessment 


Please reach out to us through our contact page. 

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