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Current Needs

If there is anything on this list that you would like to help with, please contact Sali Bluse at 715-215-0152. Thank you!

Volunteer Support Staff

We are a six person organizatio​n as of now. WE NEED HELP to operate this incredible opportunity the Lord has placed in front of us.  Anyone who has an incredible love for Jesus, a tremendous passion/calling for this cause and would like to offer their skills, knowledge and time to help us, we would love to hear from you. Skill sets, responsibilities and time requirements are listed here

Clothing & Soft Goods FUNDrive

We have an ongoing "FUNDrive" that has rolled into our residual income; THIS IS HUGE! We currently have four churches that been willing to receive weekly donations and have allowed us to put a bin in their commons areas for the collections in which we gather every week. (This eliminates any unwanted piles throughout the week). We can'owit do this alone, so we are looking for point people within their own churches to help facilitate and gather donations on behalf of Rescued & Redeemed. Storage is not an issue, (we have ample space to store donations until our bi-monthly weigh-ins), we would just need people to help manage this drive and bring us the donations weekly. Please let us know if you are interested in serving this way.

Storage Facility Costs

We have a storgae unit at the U-Haul Storage facility in Chippewa to store home wares for our future residential home. Until the Lord provides funds for that home, we will need to retain this unit. Our prayer is that we will have a home by 2024. The monthly cost is $95.00. If you are able and called to help us out with this monthly payment to any degree, we would greatly appreciate it. Please contact us if you would like to fill this need. Thank you!

Mowing Abba's Landing-

Abba's Landing is a beautiful 5.3 acres of land donated to Rescued & Redeemed.  Its located at 7007 Crescent Ave, Eau Claire. We are in need of someone to mow this seasonally. If you have the equiptment and time and would like to serve us this way, please call Elaine at 715=379-3533. Thank you

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