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Give Online

Thank you for your monetary donations! We appreciate you and how this will help support our mission. 

All donations are tax-deductible.


Give by Mail

You may send a check to
Rescued & Redeemed
2117 Bordeaux Court
Eau Claire, WI 54703

Be a Part of Something HUGE!

When you donate to Rescued and Redeemed:


*  You will help financially support and equip our team to expedite 

the expansion of our ministry of creating a 

'Long -term Residential Program' for trafficked survivors


*  You will help the ongoing efforts to rescue the abused 

and give them shelter, restoration and peace


*  You will help maintain the mission and 

operations of the Residential Home

*  You will help us to expand our resources for 

the outreach to this cause

*  You will help Rescued and Redeemed thrive and 

enable us to reach more victims

*  You will help impact someone's life through the 

 power and grace of Jesus Christ



Amazon Smile is exactly the same store but through a different door. Your account will automatically transfer so there are no worries. This way when you shop "Amazon Smile" a small donation goes directly to Rescued and Redeemed with most purchases. Download the app on your phone today, pick the organization you would like to support and you're in. Enjoy shopping and giving to our Mission. 

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