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Rescued & Redeemed is a 501(c)(3) Christ-centered anti-sex trafficking ​organization based in the Chippewa Valley of Wisconsin. We are determined to confront the issue of trafficking by bringing effective solutions to survivors. We give survivors a chance to rest, restore, and reclaim their lives once again. The survivors who engage in our programs are provided the opportunity to discover who they were created to be and given the tools to continue to grow and heal consistently.

Our Mission:

REACHING vulnerable people through awareness, education and prevention.

RESCUING victims by protecting them and providing hope and healing.

RESTORING survivors of trafficking by equipping them to live independently. 

REDEEMING through the love of Jesus Christ.

Our Programs:

Advocacy,  Assurance,  Awareness,  Prevention,  Outreach,  Residential

Our Values:

Christ Centered, Unwavering Integrity, Servant Leadership,

Relentless Dignity, Loving Commitment

 Our Principles:

Ownership, Collaboration, Gratitude, Communication, Balance

Our Promise:

As a ministry organization, we position ourselves to approach and tackle this issue from a Biblical perspective and through the solid principles found in God's Word.

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