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Outreach is a crucial part of our programming. We look to find ways to reach those in need outside our program with the intent to introduce them to Rescued & Redeemed. Making connections and creating real and valued relationships with those who would benefit from services will only support and encourage good practices and behaviors over time. It will introduce individuals to our programming, so that when they are ready they know where they can find solid help and services. 

Rescued and Redeemed offers seasonal Community Support groups to adults 18 & older to educate, support, encourage the healing process that is so desperately needed. Please see our Support Group info for details.

Survivors who are still "in the life" are able to attend community support groups and receive the resources they need, as well as build a trusting relationship with Rescued and Redeemed.  Once an individual is ready to step into freedom, Rescued and Redeemed brings them into a place of safety and restoration.

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