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Prevention is a direct result of educating our children to the real dangers of this horrific crime. We urge all parents to please take the time to talk to your kids about "stranger danger".  This term is used very broadly but has so much significance and importance. Talk to them about ways to keep themselves safe. To teach them the "help me" hand signal (found on our "Stats and Resources" page) in case they find themselves in a scary situation.

Statistics tell us:

-1 in 10 children are sexually abused and most survivors report being sexually abused as children

-2 million children are sold each year through sex trafficking

-Child sex trafficking has been reported in all 50 states

-The average age of children running away and entering into sex trafficking is 13-17 years old 

-Within 48 hours of running away, 1 out of 3 children are solicited for sex


The list that follows are many different areas where children and young adults are challenged whether its to them personally or to someone they are close to that effects them personally, and then left to take action into their own hands. Most the time, their coping strategies and decisions are far from good. Many times they don't feel safe to reach out to an adult and then they are compelled to lean on not-so-good "friends" which in turn leads them down paths they never should have gone down. Many children feel left out, not heard or ignored when they truly need to be valued and listened to. They need direction and guidance. If they do not get this at home or from a trusted adult, often times they run, or they look outside the home or on the internet for validation and purpose and then well.... it may be too late. 


Look intentionally over these topics and ask those tough questions if you need to.  Depending on the age of your children will determine if they want to talk or discuss certain things but also if you have given them the space and safety they need in order to do so as well.














                     Domestic Violence

                     Eating Disorders

















Self Esteem

Self Awareness





If you are concerned about any of these areas with your children and have not spoken to anyone 

and would like to, please contact us and we can provide resources that could be just the help 

that you need. You never want to say you were too late.

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