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1:1 Survivor Advocacy & Support


The sex trafficking survivors we engage with are provided the opportunity to discover who they were created to be and are given the tools to continue to grow and heal consistently.

In addition to what is listed below, we commit to monthly check-ins to ensure support is effective and helpful. These are dedicated times to connect, offer encouragement, and serve as a mentorship relationship.

Due to the financial support of others, Rescued & Redeemed is able to support individuals at no cost.


We are able to meet in person with those who are local to the Chippewa Valley in Wisconsin and virtually with anyone in the United States.

Some of our team members with Dr. Quintal.

1 | Identify Life Goals

Relational mindset, balance, and maturity

2 | Spiritual Health

Grow in understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ

3 | Physical Health

Healthy nutritional habits and exercise

4 | Emotional Health & Professional Counseling

Trauma-informed counseling sessions over the phone or Zoom with Dr. Quintal, who specializes in rapid resolution techniques. This helps survivors be able to put their past behind them and gain freedom in their lives today.

Image by Lina Trochez
Are you a sex trafficking survivor?

We're here to support you and be your advocate.

Get started with Rescued & Redeemed today by calling Elaine and Sali at 715-760-7751.

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