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Survivor Residential (Coming Soon)

As of June 2023- We are eager to begin offering this service to survivors once the funding is available to purchase a home. We know the Lord has plans and we trust in His timing for what He has laid before us. When the funds are provided we will be ready to go.  Once that has happened, we will update this page with our estimated timeline. 


Please join us in prayer as we wait on God’s timing and provision in this area of Rescued & Redeemed. You may also help support us by giving here.

Once opened, our survivor residential home will be a holistic approach to restoration. Survivors who have had everything stolen from them will be able to get the stability and rest they need to finally live again in a home with other survivors and a Rescued & Redeemed case manager. 


While in the home, survivors will be equipped with the wrap-around services and resources they need to be free and heal. They can also accomplish goals they never knew were possible to tackle things like getting their GED, reconnecting with their children and family, getting their driver's license, and even learning to swim. 


For survivors needing assistance now, you may work with us through our 1:1 Survivor Advocacy & Support service.


Please Note: Rescued & Redeemed is not a crisis center or shelter, but is a long-term solution for female adult survivors of sex trafficking and/or exploitation. 

Residential Phases:


This first phase allows survivors to reflect, process, and decide if they are prepared to move forward with stepping into long-term residential and case management.


Survivors receive a personalized education plan, medical aid, trauma therapy, job placement, case management, parenting classes, daily living skills, fitness, nutrition and hygiene education, and restorative services (including equine therapy). They also have the opportunity to build healthy and safe relationships that will follow them into the final stage of the program.


Survivors receive individualized planning and assistance with living independently, career goals, and continued support. Rescued & Redeemed is there with them every step of the way through their transformation.


Survivors are finally allowed to live independently with periodic check in's with Rescued & Redeemed. We will always be available for support of any kind and if a survivor feels as though they have gone backward in their recovery journey in any way, there are opportunities for survivors to reevaluate and readmit themselves back into Rescued & Redeemed's  programming

Help Us Get a Home

It is for financial reasons that we aren't able to offer a home to survivors of sex trafficking at this time. There is a lot we are doing behind the scenes to make this happen, but at the end of the day, we cannot do it without the financial support of others.

Help us help them by supporting our mission on a one-time or monthly basis by giving online.

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