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About Rescued & Redeemed

All for the love of others and the glory of God

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Rescued & Redeemed is a 501(c)(3) Christ-centered anti-sex trafficking ​organization that focuses on confronting this issue by providing deeper awareness and practical, effective solutions that rescue and redeem all involved individuals through the love and gospel of Jesus Christ:


We help survivors of sex trafficking reclaim their lives and find healing through our survivors’ services which cover everything from advocacy to residential care. (Residential date TBD).


We bring a deeper understanding and awareness of the root issues that lead individuals into activities and mindsets that can potentially result in sex trafficking by providing preventative resources and mentorship opportunities. (Mentorship date TBD).

Our Vision

To restore all lives impacted by sex trafficking and to provide effective resources to end all activities of sexual immorality.

Our Mission

It is our promise to approach and tackle this issue from a Biblical standpoint, recognizing that a permanent solution must begin in the heart. Sin is the real problem. The rescue from sin is only possible through Jesus Christ who then redeems lives permanently.

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